Solar Motion Light for Home Security

 Solar Motion Light for Home Security

solar motion light for home security

I just installed another outdoor solar powered motion light to augment security here on the property. LED technology advancements have made it easy to install outdoor motion lights just about anywhere. How’s that? Because they’re powered with a solar panel which charges internal batteries.

Home security is increasingly important. I don’t need to tell you that (though I just did). Outdoor motion lights are a deterrent not to be overlooked.

I took several photos of the particular solar motion light that I just installed. It’s not rocket science. They’re pretty easy to assemble and put up.

Solar Motion Light Features & Mounting

On-time & Distance Adjustment

This image shows the light’s on-time adjustment and sensitivity (distance) adjustment. It’s no different from any other motion light. You’ll notice a “Test” position. This is handy for adjusting the distance setting. The motion light will turn on for ~ 7 seconds during detection. You can walk around while looking at the light to observe the effects of adjusting the distance setting.

Solar Panel Connection

Connect the solar panel. This one comes with a long cord so you can mount the solar panel further away in a better suited position to capture the sun (if necessary). I didn’t need to, so I simply zip-tied the excess to keep it neat. Like I said earlier, it’s not rocket science 😉

Mounting Plate

Mounting the solar motion light is easy. There’s a plate that slides off the back of the base. The plate itself is screwed into whatever you’re mounting it to. Then the motion light base slides and snaps into that plate afterwards.

Internal Batteries

While the back mount was removed, I opened the battery compartment to see what kind of batteries are in this solar motion light. Two 3.7 volt Lithium rechargeable 18650 batteries. 1200 mAh each. Nice…

Li-ion 18650 batteries for solar motion light

How to mount to a tree

I mounted this solar motion light to a tree. How did I do that? First I mounted everything to a length of pressure treated 2X4.

Then I used a couple of deck screws to mount the assembly to the tree itself:

Okay folks, that’s it. Easy.

You might be wondering which specific solar motion light this is.

(view on amzn)

Like I said, I have several solar powered motion lights. There’s always something new out there, so I chose this one due to it’s favorable reviews. So far it’s working out great. It’s bright (1600 lumen) and I like that it has 3 flood light sections.

Having said all that, the best outdoor motion light that connects to standard AC electricity is the RAB Stealth. I have those installed around the perimeter of the house itself. Here’s an article on that one if you’re interested:

[ Read: RAB Stealth motion light ]

Home security lights are an excellent deterrent. Whoever is approaching will think twice. And it enables you to see what’s going on out there!

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