Leftwing Terrorist Mobs Terrorizing the Country

 Leftwing Terrorist Mobs Terrorizing the Country


For months, patriotic hard-working Americans have been screamed at by radical leftists and emotionally disturbed millennials that we needed to shut down the country to save us all from a virus that was basically as bad as the Flu. They set up snitch lines, called the police on their neighbors, and helped the police harass and arrest small business owners that dared to stand up for their constitutional right to live their lives.

Now, those same mentally disturbed American hating rejects who claimed we were going to kill people by living our lives, are attempting to spread chaos and kill the American way of life through violence, looting, and rioting.

For the last week, radical leftist terrorist organizations including Black Lives Matters and Antifa, have used the death of a black man as cover to finish what the fake Coronavirus scam couldn’t, the destruction of the United States.

Domestic terrorists are firebombing neighborhoods, assaulting innocent people, looting small businesses, and threatening to kill anyone who gets in their way.

Last night the terrorists actually attmepted to storm the White House.

Today, they are trying again…

In Texas, terrorists started fires, looted businesses, and terrorized people who were just trying to work and feed their families.

In Minneapolis, rioting, looting and choas reigned down on the public for the fifth night in a row.

In Portland, Masked militants attacked the Justice Center in downtown Portland. Many came prepared with chemicals to start fires and weapons to break windows. They also looted and set businesses on fire throughout the city.

At this point, the chaos has overtaken cities in almost every state…

Even in Salt Lake City, Utah chaos has overtaken the town.

Today, we couldn’t have painted a better picture of where we are as a nation. On one hand, we witnessed hard-working Americans returning to space for the first time on a private business’ rocket. On the other hand, you have an entire political party who are trying to destroy everything we worked for.

The contrast and the agenda couldn’t be more apparent!

Contrast of two countries

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