Genesis Part 2 is the newest DLC released for Ark: Survival Evolved and with it came several new creatures, including the Shadowmane. You can tame it, but many players are at a loss of how to go about doing this. Luckily, it is easy in theory, although it does take a bit of patience if you want to be successful.

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These tips and tricks will have you taming this beast in no time, so you can have a predator on your side. It might be one of the nonviolent tames, but nonetheless, it still takes some practice if you want a Shadowmane in Ark: Survival Evolved.


How To Tame The Shadowmane

The Shadowmane is feline in nature, and it has a few special abilities that make it an exceptional hunter. They can travel alone or in groups of three or more, and it stalks its prey by going invisible. It will also teleport after you if you try to run from it, which is why stealth is so important when attempting this tame if you don’t want to use cheat codes.

Here are the steps to taming a Shadowmane:

  • Collect Fish in Fish Baskets
  • Find a Sleeping Shadowmane
  • Feed The Shadowmane A Fish Basket
  • Follow The Shadowmane And Repeat

Collect Fish In Fish Baskets

The first step is to gather a lot of fish baskets with fish inside of them. The fish must be greater than 0.5x weight in order to tame the Shadowmane, but some have found that bigger fish speed up the process.

You can catch them simply by placing a bunch of fish baskets along the riverbed in areas that are heavily populated with fish. The type of fish does not matter as long as its weight is up to par.

Find A Sleeping Shadowmane

The Shadowmane can only be tamed while it is sleeping, but first, you must find where this creature resides. They can be found on the Rockwell side of the map, but they are most plentiful in the southern region.

This species also sleeps during the day, so this is the best time to attempt this feat and it makes them an easier tame than a Noglin. However, they only stay asleep for 20 seconds to one minute so keep this in mind when making your approach.

Feed The Shadowmane A Fish Basket

Once you have located a sleeping Shadowmane, you need to crouch and slowly approach it from behind. It is best if you use Ghillie Armor as this will reduce your chance of detection and moving toward it from the front will wake it up.

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After you have moved close enough to it a prompt will appear that will allow you to feed it a fish basket.

Follow The Shadowmane And Repeat

The Shadowmane will go invisible after you feed it a fish basket, and you must follow it to its next location. However, make sure to keep your distance until it is asleep once more so you don’t become its next target.

You will need to keep repeating the process of feeding it fish baskets and chasing it until it has been fully tamed, and you won’t need mutagen to do so. Luckily, once you have started taming it a tracker will appear on your screen that will make it easy for you to follow it and see your progress.

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