Trump Announces Military to Distribute Vaccines

 Trump Announces Military to Distribute Vaccines

Trump in Mask

I know there are a lot of sheep that will follow idols from both political parties off the cliff, but when government officials, including the President, start talking about the military distributing the vaccine you better wake up to what’s coming!

I know there are some that will claim this is all some 4D Chess game, and this is all about saving the nation and getting reelected, but if we continue down this path of blindly following both political parties who demand we give up our freedoms you will have no country left come election day.

Businesses are going bankrupt, people are being fined and jailed over not wearing the government compliance masks, our country has been taken over by BLM/Antifa socialists and we all just sit back waiting to be vaccinated for freedom because it’s now our patriotic duty! WAKE UP!!!!

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