The Fight Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here

 The Fight Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here

Antifa rioting near White House

Have you been watching the feeds from around the country these past few evenings? Have you been sitting back in your recliner eating popcorn while watching this display of unraveling anarchy? Been thinking that none of this will affect you because you don’t live in these urban centers? Do you really believe that none of this is orchestrated by powers that are fully committed to taking down America?

Think again. The fight isn’t coming, it’s already here. And you better get ready for it.

I don’t care where you live. You’re only on a sliding timescale. One way or another we are ALL affected by what is taking place. The enemy is “all in”. Don’t bet all your money that this is just going to blow over and burn out. The dominoes are falling, one after the other. There are lots of them. It doesn’t happen all at once. They fall sequentially.

Maybe we have reached the end of the ~80 yr cycle and are into “fourth turning” as suggested by (Strauss and Howe).

Regardless, we are most definitely in a battle, one which will likely become kinetic.

“The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

President Donald Trump announced Sunday he would label the left wing group Antifa a terrorist organization, following the assessment that the group has been behind some of the violent riots and vandalism occurring over the weekend.

This is going to be a VERY BIG PROBLEM for most of the communist left, including the mainstream media, Big Tech, and many powerful people and organizations behind the scenes who have been sympathetic towards, and even supporting Antifa.

Once declared a terrorist organization, everything changes. The gloves come off, so to speak. It’s suddenly a real fight. It’s going to be raised to the next level. And it’s going to get real ugly.

How’s that?

They, their sister groups, and their powerful and influential sympathizers are organized and well financed. Just look at what happened in dozens of cities all over the country the past several evenings. This was NOT just about the Floyd murder. No, anyone watching this unfold can see that. These groups have plans in the waiting, and when it’s “go time”, they do their thing. They are a mixture of anarchists, communists, America-haters. They are the “useful idiots” of the powerful who want to take America (and Trump) down. At any cost.

How are you at playing chess? What is happening is not by coincidence. There is a chess game being played. And it’s winner take all. And they want us.

Our Enemies

The commie-left news media is going to continue their efforts assisting the take down of our current president. Why would they stop now? Answer: they won’t. In fact they will likely “double-down” at this point in time. Why? Because they are part of the “cabal” in my view. They WANT chaos. Our enemies want it too.

We have enemies within. They have infiltrated all levels of governments, congress, the courts, institutions, media, school systems, Big-Tech, and more. Some are known and in plain view. Others working behind the scenes yet to be seen.

Our enemies on the outside looking in are salivating at the opportunity to make a move. Even if just incremental. But in a time of full chaos and maximum division it will be much more than that. Think it can’t happen? You’d be foolish. We’re the big prize. The only thing standing in the way of a full functioning single global government – which has been the aim for many decades.

If Law Enforcement Doesn’t Stop This RIGHT NOW…

Organized and coordinated rioting is occurring all at once, all around the country. This is not a protest (though surely some are there to just protest – which is their right). Rather it is opportunistic chaos.

Burning buildings, vehicles, at random. Smashing windows wherever they are. Breaking in and looting whatever business happens to be in their path. Throwing bricks, projectiles at buildings, targeting law enforcement…

To watch it (them) on live TV is eye-opening. You can see it in their eyes. The hate. They hate anything or anyone that stands for rule of law. They are commie anarchists. And it’s suiting the anti-American powers-that-be just fine. This is what they want. Chaos.

You Will Need To Defend Yourself, Your Home, Your Country

Look what has happened. How many leftist mayors and governors have allowed and empowered Antifa (and other similar anti-American groups) to thrive while at the same time tying the hands of law enforcement? If you’ve been following along these past several years, you know the answer to that. LOTS! It’s not going to stop.

There simply are not enough LEO’s to protect everyone. And there are a LOT of brainwashed leftists who sympathize with any cause or group battling against American ideals. In other words, as this spirals out of control, and as your neighbors “take sides”, make no assumptions about your safety.

Yesterday I wrote about the 2020 Powder Keg. Today I’m telling you that you’ll need to prepare to protect and defend yourself, your home, and your country. The fight isn’t coming, it’s already here.

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