Shockwave Torch Review: Is it an Effective Deterrent?

It has become increasingly important to not only feel protected but to be able to back it up. Of course, the wilderness can prove to be challenging and dangerous, but in today’s world, people can be just as dangerous. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident carrying whatever protection that you prefer.

The unfortunate truth is that guns are not only becoming more regulated and harder to carry, the stigma attached can be exhausting as well. In this review, we will be taking a look at an effective alternative that can stop an aggressor in his or her tracks and keep you feeling safe and confident wherever you go. Let’s take a look at the Shockwave Torch, some features, pros and cons,  and what people think of the Shockwave Torch, starting with the features of the device:

Shockwave Torch Review

Shockwave Torch Review

Extremely Bright LED Bulb

The LED bulb of the Shockwave Torch is rated at a whopping 800 Lumens. This means that the flashlight is not only super bright and helpful when it comes to finding your way around in the dark, it is also powerful enough to temporarily blind an assailant. With 800 Lumens, your attacker or aggressor can become easily confused and less likely to follow through with any sort of further attack.

Powerful Stun Gun

The Shockwave Torch is also equipped with a 4.5 million volt stun gun. If you think 4.5 million volts is a lot, you are right. If your assailant comes close enough to experience the Shockwave Torch’s stun gun, ho or she will be rendered useless in the scuffle immediately, allowing you plenty of time to get away.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Weapon

Another cool feature of the Shockwave Torch is the built-in crenulated bezel. The bezel of the Shockwave Torch is designed to be used in hand-to-hand combat if the situation requires. The bezel has edges that are designed to tear the skin and provide extra protection should you choose to use the Shockwave Torch as a blunt-force weapon.

LED Bulb Built to Last

Even though the LED bulb is super bright, it will not burn out with use. The 800 Lumen Bulb is rated to last a lifetime and will not become dim or weak in any way. LED bulbs are also less susceptible to damage and wear, making them an excellent choice when used in everyday carry devices.

Rechargeable Battery

The Shockwave Torch is rechargeable and comes with a convenient charging cable to ensure that you are never stuck without a charge. The NiCad battery charges fairly quickly and is rated to last a long time as well.

Sturdy Aluminum Casing

With a high-grade aluminum casing, you are not at risk of damaging your Shockwave Torch easily. The aluminum also makes the Shockwave Torch a great self defence option because it can help to pack your fist or deliver a substantial blow to an attacker should the need arise.


The small size and lightweight construction of the Shockwave Torch make it easy to conceal wherever you go. This is important because you never know when you might need to protect yourself. It is also unassuming in appearance and does not draw the attention of those who would make a problem out of your carrying it.

Wrist Strap Included

In a self defence situation, a secure grip on your weapon of choice is essential. The Shockwave Torch comes with a handy wrist strap that will help you to keep a hold of your weapon when it matters the most. A holster is also included in case you prefer to carry your Shockwave Torch on your belt.

Pros and Cons of the Shockwave Torch


  • 800 Lumen LED great for seeing and blinding attackers
  • 4.5 million volt stun gun for disabling assailants quickly and effectively
  • Crenulated bezel for use as blunt-force weapon
  • Lifetime rated LED bulb
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wrist strap and holster included
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easily concealed


What do People Think of the Shockwave Torch?

It was difficult to find any negative sentiments about the Shockwave Torch. Most who have bought it have thought it to be an excellent alternative to a firearm or pepper spray. It has even been mentioned that the Shockwave Torch is a great deterrent for animals such as large dogs. The light is extremely bright and the 4.5 million volt stun gun has provided confidence and protection for those who carry it. It was also mentioned that when powered on, the stun gun makes a terrifying sound that might be an effective deterrent on its own. Overall, the Shockwave Torch is a great self-defence tool.


The Shockwave torch, in my opinion, would be an extremely effective deterrent that can be used in several ways. It is great that it has the 800 Lumen LED that can deter an attacker from a distance. It is always good to have a non-violent option to use first.

In my opinion, it is always good to avoid any amount of conflict before a situation is allowed to escalate. If, however, it is necessary to defend yourself in close quarters or with force, the Shockwave Torch has an extremely powerful stun gun and a mean crenulated bezel that is both great for use in self-defense. It is also handy that the Shockwave Torch comes with a wrist strap for extra security. If you feel like you cannot carry your firearm everywhere that you might need to protect yourself, the Shockwave Torch can provide you with the security and confidence that you need to traverse the increasingly dangerous society in which we live.

Just be sure to check with your local laws and restrictions to make sure that it is legal to carry the Shockwave Torch with you. It is never a bad idea to prepare yourself for the worst of situations.

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