CDC Covid-19 Death Data – Young & Middle-aged Virtually Unscathed

 CDC Covid-19 Death Data – Young & Middle-aged Virtually Unscathed

Provisional data on COVID-19 deaths can be downloaded at the CDC. Consider the below data, the most recent on the CDC website:

60% of Covid-19 deaths here in the US are from the age group of 75 years and over.

80% ( 4 of 5 ) Covid-19 deaths are ages 65 and over.

0.849% (that’s ZERO point eight-four-nine percent) Covid-19 deaths are from the age group 35 years and younger.

School aged children up to young college-aged adults comprise 0.156% of Covid-19 deaths (ages 0 – 24).

Is any of this surprising to you? The mainstream news media has not, and is not emphasizing the high risk groups for Covid-19 deaths (most of whom have comorbidity — the presence of one or more additional conditions contributing to death).

Rather, they’re continuing to scare everyone into believing that we’re all asymptomatic Covid-19 death-wielding super-spreader carriers!

Evidence indicates that this is simply not true.

Age Demographic of Covid-19 Deaths

Age Demographic Sum of Deaths
 (2/1/20 — 7/8/20)
Under 1 year 9 0.0078%
1–4 years 7 0.0061%
5–14 years 14 0.0122%
15–24 years 149 0.1299%
25–34 years 795 0.6929%
35–44 years 2,026 1.7657%
45–54 years 5,650 4.9241%
55–64 years 13,808 12.0341%
65–74 years 23,866 20.7999%
75–84 years 30,369 26.4674%
85 years and over 38,048 33.1599%
Total COVID-19 Deaths 114,741

We notice that roughly four in five deaths occur over the age of 65.  That’s consistent with, say, influenza deaths in 2017–18.  But a quick look at the other side of the spectrum yields what may be surprising conclusions that contradict the media narrative that your friends and neighbors may have imbibed wholesale.

Between the ages of zero and 24, we find that there has been a sum of 179 provisional COVID-19 deaths.  None of this is meant to diminish the tragedy of these deaths, I want to be clear.  But despite the much higher number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 in 2020 than we’d find in an example of a bad flu season like 2017–2018, we find that this number of deaths among youth demographics is strikingly low by comparison.

~ American Thinker | Time is Running Out for Coronavirus Course Correction
by William Sullivan

I recommend that you read the article I’ve linked from the quotation block above ^^

Why am I posting this?

Good question. We are bombarded daily from the MSM about new cases. A thinking person may realize that logically there will be more cases when there is lots more testing.

Scaring us with Number of Testing Positive

New cases doesn’t mean they’re sick. It doesn’t mean they’re spreading it. Doesn’t mean they’re dead. It means they are exhibiting antibodies (assuming the tests are accurate specifically for “Covid-19” rather than “coronavirus” – which includes the common cold).

The MSM is also seeking out and reporting on the rare cases when a younger person dies (shock value) — though they’re not mentioning comorbidity. They’re making it seem like everyone around you, including the young and middle-aged, need to be locked down in order to save themselves and others from a certain death. This just is not true.

My motivation for posting the age demographic deaths (shown above) is to refocus / offset what the MSM is trying to do (scare the daylights out of you “again”). While NOT downplaying any deaths (this is primarily deadly for the very elderly with underlying conditions), we the people need to understand the demographic of who is dying. It’s not the young. It’s not the middle-aged. It is the elderly with comorbidities.

Quite evidently (given testing) those who have actually gotten this virus among the young and middle-aged (even those “over the hill” to a great extent) are recovering. Why are we not hearing this? This is (should be) good news. It means the “death rate” is even lower than they thought…

So why are we collectively destroying the economy? Why are we not letting our kids go back to school (in many areas)? Shouldn’t we have been focusing on isolating/protecting the very elderly who are clearly vulnerable? Couldn’t we have done it differently?

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